Tal J. Zlotnitsky

Serial Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Executive Coach and Host of the Braving Business Podcast

I understand the challenges of entrepreneurial life because I’ve lived it. I’ve founded, run and scaled successful companies, navigated the ups and downs of the startup capital market, and grappled with the complexities of business technology transformation, including for Fortune 500 Clients. Read more

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About Tal Zlotnitsky

A Serial Entrepreneur, Business Leader & Startup Specialist

My experience spans various industries, from wholesale distribution, to the food & beverage supply chain, to payment & financial technology. However, my ability to get to the bottom of challenges, see a path forward and add value is industry agnostic. My clients and colleagues often describe me as driven, resilient, and strategic. But let’s keep it simple – I help individuals and organizations elevate their dreams, challenge their excuses, and achieve the results they’re after. 

Tal J. Zlotnitsky 


in oneself, one's value, and one's future.


in one's direction, goals, and plan.

Real results

not just temporary improvements but substantial, enduring growth.

Higher Purpose

enabling individuals to learn, grow, and become their best selves.

Achievements My entrepreneurial journey and achievements.

Let's discover the kind of success we can achieve when we focus on confidence, clarity, and real results.

Senior Principal Consultant & Strategic Transformation Advisor

Senior Principal Consultant & Strategic Transformation Advisor at Infosys Consulting, currently leading a significant technology transformation project for a Fortune Global 500 CPG company.

Founder, Co-Chairman, and CEO of Our.Love Company, Inc.

Founder, Co-Chairman, and CEO of Our.Love Company, Inc., a relationship wellness tech startup that raised funding from 11 investors and grew by nearly 2,000% in its first 6 months.

Co-founder, President & CEO of iControl Data Solutions

Co-founder, President & CEO of iControl Data Solutions, a pioneering B2B payments and supply chain software provider, which processes billions of dollars in electronic payments and provided analytics for over 40K+ store outlets and 3.5K+ distributors/manufacturers. Company has raised tens of millions in capital.

Co-founder of iControl Mobile Payment Solutions,

Co-founder of iControl Mobile Payment Solutions, one of the first pay-by-phone self-parking technology payment providers in North America.

Co-founder of NewsOne,

Co-founder of NewsOne, the largest independent distributor of newspapers & newsletters in the United States.

Served on the boards of multiple organizations, non-profits and companies, lending strategic insights and leadership. Currently on the advisory board of the University of South Florida Muma School of Business.


Entrepreneurial Consulting & Coaching Services

As a seasoned consultant and coach with a diverse entrepreneurial background, I am uniquely positioned to provide tailored support and guidance to businesses at all stages.

Technology Project Management

My expertise in tech project management turns complex innovations into competitive advantages for your company.

Early-Stage Startups

Starting from the earliest stages, I can help budding entrepreneurs crystalize their startup ideas into viable business models. Drawing on my experience of founding six companies, I provide actionable insights into product development, go-to-market strategies, and early-stage business planning.

Businesses Ready to Scale 

For businesses ready to scale, my expertise in capital raising comes into play. Having successfully raised tens of millions in funding for my own ventures – and have also been involved in less successful fund raising and absorbing its lessons – I understand the intricacies of attracting investors and structuring deals. I can provide critical assistance in crafting compelling pitch decks, honing your fundraising strategy, and navigating due diligence processes. I am also available to sit on boards and participate in fund raising if the fit makes sense!


For businesses facing challenges or looking for a fresh perspective, my experience in driving business turnarounds can provide the catalyst you need. I take pride in identifying areas of improvement and strategizing sustainable paths to profitability and growth. My pragmatic and result-oriented approach ensures that the strategies we formulate are not just theoretically sound but also practically implementable.

Mergers & Acquisitions

If your business is contemplating a merger or acquisition, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table. Mergers and acquisitions are complex processes, and successful execution requires thorough planning, intricate negotiation, and meticulous due diligence. Leveraging my hands-on experience in M&A, I can guide you through every step of this process.
From understanding the strategic fit and conducting rigorous due diligence to navigating the intricacies of deal structuring and negotiations, I'll be there. I can also help you address the post-acquisition challenges like integration planning, cultural alignment, and performance optimization, to ensure that the merger or acquisition delivers the expected value.
My goal is to ensure that your M&A transaction is not only successful but also enhances the long-term strategic positioning and value of your business. I'm committed to providing a seamless experience, whether you're considering a strategic merger, planning a friendly acquisition, or preparing for a buyout. Let's make your next M&A move a success.

Exit Strategies

In the mature phase of your business, I offer my expertise in exit strategies. Having navigated three profitable exits, I am adept at maximizing business value, aligning with strategic buyers, and ensuring a smooth transition. I also have a deep rolodex that can get you started in finding your eventual acquirer.

My approach to success is simple, and it all starts with a conversation.

Let's upscale your dreams and get you the results you're looking for.

Let's take your business to the next level.

Driving Business Growth & Innovation

Tal is a top notch leader who I trust each day to make the mission happen! He has the vision, direction, focus, and passion to help Our Love Company succeed! Very proud of him!

Leslie C. Smith, Lieutenant General, US Army retired

Vice President, Board Director, Carter Leadership Chair, Business Consultant

Tal is a great leader and true visionary. He is passionate, dedicated, thoughtful, reflective and kind. I have had the great honor and joy of working with Tal as he has imagined, pursued and begun to execute on his dream of ensuring that everyone can access more and better love. His history and reputation as an accomplished entrepreneur, strategic thinking, collaborator, bridge builder - and dare I say mensch - is second to none. I certainly look forward to many great collaborations in the future.

Stuart Kliman

Entrepreneur, Thought Leader, Board Member, Advisor - Collaboration, Employee and Relationship Focused

It was one of the great pleasures and opportunities of my career to work for Tal at iControl. Over an 18 month period he demonstrated every day how to be an inspirational leader and effective entrepreneur, to be both humble and confident, and to execute with urgency yet also be respectful. Tal is a passionate, high-integrity individual who enabled me in my role and delivered everything he promised to me as an employee, and more. His next team will be very fortunate to have him as a leader, team member and friend.

Nick Afonsky

Cloud Data Management I Data Engineering I Advanced Analytics CEO @ Palomar Group / CAMP

I have worked closely with Tal for six years in his role as Chief Executive Officer/President of iControl and my role as Chief People & Process Officer. I was drawn to Tal’s energy from the 1st moment I met him- his enthusiasm and positivity is contagious. He is wicked smart, innovative, approachable, and has a heart the size of Mount Rushmore. I have grown tremendously with his guidance and it is a privilege and pleasure to work with such a great leader.

Kelly Fleischer

Specialist at translating business strategies into measurable People & Performance objectives.

I have had the pleasure of working with TJ since 2013...first as a Board Member of his, and over the past three years as his COO. TJ is a passionate visionary with a tireless work ethic who has built a number of successful businesses...he possesses the ability to pick things up quickly, and is always looking to learn and enhance his knowledge base, across almost any subject matter...he is always looking for ways to improve his business, and sets a very high bar for his team and his peers...What I have enjoyed most about TJ over the years, has been his friendship, his willingness to try new things and change the status quo...he loves to innovate and has a gift for finding opportunity where others don't...I have enjoyed our time together, and appreciate the fact that TJ has made me a better leader and person!

Matthew Gutermuth

CEO | Chairman | Operating Partner | Food Retail |Consumer Packaged Goods | Foodservice | Technology | Speaker

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